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Thread: how to organize files for more than one domain per account

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    how to organize files for more than one domain per account

    I have three powweb accounts each with more than one domain. None of them change much so I don’t do a lot of management. I do use some php.

    My question is about the preferred or standard practice for setting up/organizing content for more than one domain?

    In the past I set up directories in the root for some of the domains rather than using the actual htdocs folder. So at the root I’d see directories something like root/htdocs/, root/website1/, root/website2/.

    For a specific website I add my own htdocs directory, for example root/website1/htdocs/. Furthermore, I like to have separate domain-specific content in separate directories like this; in directory root/website1/htdocs/ I’d have these directories: home/, about/, contact/, graphics/, classes/, css/.

    Among other challenges that left me with some confusing pathing. I suspect that that is not best practice? So how should I do this? Should I set up all web site’s content under the actual htdocs dir in the root? If so, how do I group domain-specific content?

    Here is what I’m thinking. For a given domain have a domain-specific subdirectory in the actual htdocs dir. In THAT have separate subdirectories for each web page and for each type of file like graphics and css. So in the normal htdocs directory (root /htdocs/) I’d have these subdirectories for domain website1: website1/home/, website1/about/, website1/contact/, website1/graphics/, website1/classes/, website1/css/

    Thanks a billion for your assistance.
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