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    Newbie - Hello

    I'll be setting up Kreativ Komposits to showcase my digital artwork. Still haven't decided whether to use my own template or to create the site using PowWeb tools. I haven't found anything yet that lets me know whether or not I can change templates, OR if I begin with one of their templates, can I decide to dump it and upload my site from my computer?

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    Hello, Welcome to the Powweb Community forums! Sorry I can't answer your question, I'm kinda an old school web guy. I just FTP download then edit mostly PHP and plain old text files locally, then FTP upload them. I'm sure you'll receive some more replies though that'll help you.

    Oh, and you're next 4 posts (9 or 10 if there's a link in it) might go into the mod queue as well. I check in here 4 or 5 times a day though, so any more posts that are in that queue shouldn't be for very long (that means less than a year or three.. )
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    My past experience with the templates provided suggests that the templates provided by Powweb can't later be changed for work from your own computer. If you're going to go down the route of using your own layouts etc then start that way, you'll not have to duplicate work in re-creating pages done using templates provided by any third party (including Powweb).
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