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Thread: FollowSymLinks Forbidden

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    FollowSymLinks Forbidden

    I'm trying to use a symbolic link in a subdirectory. I've used the .htaccess Editor in the subdirectory and added:

    Options +FollowSymlinks
    But when I go to the URL of the symlink, I get 403 Forbidden. How do I enable symbolic links?

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    Perhaps a permission issue? If the target of the symlink is a file, it should be 644, maybe as low as 600. If the target is a directory, the permission of that directory should be 755, maybe as low as 711 or 700.

    ADD: the symlink itself might have been gifted a 777 permission when it was created. If so, it must be dropped down to at least 755 as a 777 permission will probably produce an error causing a 403 error page to display.
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