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Thread: how to install Wordpress into a current website + questions on subdomains

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    how to install Wordpress into a current website + questions on subdomains

    Hello -

    I'm trying to get a new WP site going, but remember reading in the past that it is best to install it into a subdomain if you have a website already running on the same hosting account.

    Something like creating a CNAME record of

    My questions are: So I need to set up the CNAME record here at PW, but what if anything do I have to do at the registrar, or is it the other way around? Then I know I have to wait until the sub-domain is created (or whatever the word is)....before I go on.

    Once the browser finds the new sub-domain I can then go into the tools for installing WP here at powweb and install it - into where? Do I create a DIR for this subdomain?

    Also, once done - can I some how make it so just typing in the domain name will take you to the sub-domain - sounds like a pointer... none of these things have I attempted before so I'm very interested in best practices so this goes off without a hitch.

    Thank you for your wisdom on this matter ~

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    There's no particular need to install Wordpress in a subdomain. It works perfectly well in a subdirectory.
    Just follow the instructions from Wordpress.
    Rick Trethewey

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    Sounds like you want to replace your existing website with a wordpress based one? Depending on what your existing website is eg; index.html, you can install wordpress directly into htdocs. Then when you are ready in OPS simply make index.php your preferred homepage file.
    Croc Hunter MSC :

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