Hi Guys,

I'm pulling my hair out trying to add an additional domain to my PowWeb primary domain. I've set the additional domain as a subfolder under my htdocs folder, configured it in Control Panel, and copied all the settings that I use for another additional domain that has worked for years, and it works, except for when trying to access the index.html page.

Instead of going to the index.html page of the new domain, of goes to the index.php page of my primary domain, and nothing I seem to do can correct this behaviour. Every other page and link works. I just cannot stop the index.html going to the primary domain instead of the new domain. I have copied every setting line for line from the other additional domain that works, the index.html issue is the only thing that's broken. This is the third domain I've added to my website if that helps.

Has anyone got any ideas? Have you seen this before? All help is gratefully appreciated!

Thanks in advance,