We apologize for the recent outage with callisto.powweb.com. On September 25, 2002, Callisto went down because our first power supply failed during our nightly backup, and the backup power supply shorted out and caused a fatal corruption of all data on the RAID partition (five 72 GB drives, all SCSI Raid w/ one hot spare). We worked continuously for 22 hours trying to restore all the corrupted files, but unfortunately, with no luck. We have then decided that instead of wasting more time trying to restore callisto.powweb.com, we rebuilt a new machine to take its place and so you can start re-uploading your files.

We are deeply sorry for the loss of data and we have taken steps to ensure that a similar event will not happen again causing a similar data loss. Due to the length of this server outage, we were unable to meet our 99.7% uptime. All accounts on callisto.powweb.com will automatically receive an additional 6 months free web hosting as compensation. You will see the credits by clicking on "Accounting" tab in OPS within the next 24 hours.

We will also continue to work on the corrupt system to retrieve any files that we can. If we are able to restore your data, we will re-upload them to your home directory for you. In the meantime, please re-upload your files so your sites will be back online.

Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience and we are taking every precaution in avoiding this from happening ever again.

Thank you for your understanding.