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Old 2-20-04, 02:49 AM   #1
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New Subdomain Mapping Support

PowWeb has added unlimited subdomain support to our webservers. You can now use any subdomain of your domain and it will automatically go to the htdocs directory inside a direcotry by the same name outside your main htdocs directory. Since PowWeb allready has a wild card DNS entry for your domain pointing everything to our webservers, you can setup any subdomain you want simply be creating a directories.

Basically this is how it will work:


will check to see if the directory

/www/u/username/subdomain/htdocs exists, if not it will send you to the normal Document Root. This will work for any pointer domains to your site as well. You can also use www.subdomain.domain.com.

You will not be able to point sub directories of pointer domains to different directories than the subdomains of your main domain... for example, if you have domain1.com and a pointer domain domain2.com:

http://subdomain.domain1.com and

will both work and go to the same page, however they can not go to different pages. You can still however point the domain itself to another directory, or use mod_rewrite as previous customers have done to achieve this.
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Old 2-20-04, 09:00 PM   #2
Join Date: Dec 2001
Posts: 1,577
Reputation: 65
Please Note Format Change

Please note the above information has been edited to allow current customers using mod_rewrite to keep their settings. This new format will also allow you to create your own cgi-bin script alias for subdomains by createing a cgi-bin directory in the same directory your htdocs directory is for that subdomain. For example, if your subdomain is:


And you have a directory


you can have a cgi-bin for that subdomain by creating


Otherwise the subdomain will use the same cgi-bin your main site uses.
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