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Old 11-9-05, 08:35 PM   #1
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Powweb is accused of being a bad company


thought you would like to see this article...and get your opinion?

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Old 11-9-05, 08:55 PM   #2
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The four PowWeb IPs listed are all from cluster06: : clust06-www01.powweb.com : clust06-www02.powweb.com : clust06-www03.powweb.com : clust06-www04.powweb.com

Those servers are client servers. So any reasonable person would deduce that a client is simply hotlinking or possibly worse (that can't be ruled out). If data were provided to our Abuse department, a full investigation could be made.

It is not a "effort to mine data, a rogue employee, an error, a multi user account with very wide distribution, or another, more henious idea" by PowWeb. It's asinine to think a company like PowWeb that's been in business for 6+ years would resort to something like that. A move as such would ruin its reputation to the point where business would probably stop due to this highly competitive industry.
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Old 11-9-05, 09:10 PM   #3
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I dont buy it....its unlikely it is Powweb doing it... It could, however, be a script running on a powweb hosted site. The writer of that article is taking a pretyt big leap of faith on that.. No where does he/she site their reasons for believing that, other than the IPs which happen to be in their range..
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Old 11-9-05, 09:55 PM   #4
Croc Hunter
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They are serious allegations he's making. I hope he has evidence and is not just going on his 'friends' assumptions. He should have contacted Powweb before making a fool of himself. To accuse Powweb of soliciting customers in that way is ludicrous.
Croc Hunter MSC :
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Old 11-9-05, 11:08 PM   #5
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The scripts being used to carry out these attacks have been found and the account has been shutdown.
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Old 11-9-05, 11:17 PM   #6
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Well done PowWeb Staff! I wish people would be less prompt to sling mud in these situations and just politely ask people whom they believe to be causing them a problem to do something about it.

If they ask nicely and are ignored then, by all means, let them start shouting but it is extremely bad-mannered to publish unpleasant allegations about a business without first having given it the opportunity to get things straightened out.
The pen is mightier than the sword. Except when the other guy has the sword
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Old 11-9-05, 11:25 PM   #7
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Lightbulb I Don't Join just to comment

Originally Posted by bigdoug

thought you would like to see this article...and get your opinion?

I do not wish to join SEOmoz Membership so I thought I would suggest that there is a rampage Spider Robot doing the work it seems is being felt as bandwidth use and to see that members of powweb are alerted that such search client user-agent needs to be found in the Webstats reports and added to the Robot.txt file to Disallow folders for that user-agent. So where is the evidence. Lets see those reports from their access STATs , that don't pull strings, SEOmoz is a provider of Blog Traffic. Bark like Ray Nagen you might get seen not just heard on a radio cursing.

I first thought it to be something on the ordeal of bad certificate issuance and popups for buyers when they see a certificate which is in the wrong name they can decide to end their purchase. Hey CA Certificates can be manufactured by you whatever Varisign says they do not make Palm or Wireless Site connect certificates (world very small) lots of cellular phones have wireless Internet and these things do exist and can be made. OpenSSL seems to be the key fix for CA Certificates. I bet the best way to do it is to make a cookie manage a certificate issuance which is good for 3 month maximum so a customer could return and buy something else but if they don't then the Certificate is destroyed by their system. Using MySQL to generate and command the cookie and Certificate would be better than having to have a million customers having to have a cookie from Verisign which is a million CSR generations I might add. To avoid that business trafficing I think Powweb should show everyone how to create their own cookie and certificate for adding to their site to officially have their own SSL if they please without having to buy a certificate plan from Verisign. Verising uses Roxen Webservers to do their main tasks and that seems ironic (XML protocols).

IndigoPerl v2005.02 is v5 Perl so you might check into that version if your having problems it comes with Apache v2 (since 2002). It is not that much different but is newer Perl.

I need Perl added to my site how do I go about that? I am specifically adding sendmail which requires Perl be installed the server I use.

I cannot get the Guestbook v1.50 to work which I installed from Powweb Ops. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it and theres still a problem adding a guest. I want to have a includes folder with includes file so to avoid the NAV links I want on each page of the Guestbook.

The guestbook-admin.pl will not open when I try from Ops to configure the Guestbook. I saw a login in that file and made a html file for a login having to add username but that don't login either. Would I be better off trying another Guestbook or finding help to make this one work?

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